9 Best Personal Branding Experts to Follow

1. Bhavik Sarkhedi

  • Introduction: Bhavik Sarkhedi, known for his eloquent voice in personal branding, stands out as a significant thought leader in the field. With a knack for storytelling, he helps individuals and companies craft compelling narratives around their brands.
  • Background: Bhavik holds a degree in engineering, but his passion for writing and marketing led him to the world of personal branding. He has worked with numerous startups and established businesses, guiding them through their brand positioning challenges.
  • Major Contributions: He founded ‘Write Right’—a content writing firm that emphasizes the power of words in personal branding. His approach integrates traditional marketing with digital strategies to enhance personal and corporate brands effectively.
  • Philosophy on Personal Branding: Sarkhedi believes in authenticity and consistency as the core pillars of personal branding. He advocates for a strategy that involves being true to one’s values and consistently communicating these through various channels.
  • Achievements: Recognized among the top content marketers by reputed organizations, Bhavik has also authored several influential books on content strategy and personal branding.
  • Influence and Impact: His methods have reshaped how individuals perceive and market themselves in the digital age. Through his writings and consultations, he has influenced many to adopt a strategic approach to personal branding.
  • Case Studies or Success Stories: One notable case involved a tech entrepreneur who rebranded himself with Sarkhedi’s guidance, leading to increased visibility and venture capital interest.

2. Leonard Kim

  • Introduction: Leonard Kim is an influential branding expert who specializes in helping professionals achieve recognition and manage their online reputation.
  • Background: Leonard’s journey in personal branding began during a time of personal and financial hardship, which he turned around by leveraging his own story to establish credibility and attract opportunities.
  • Major Contributions: Co-author of “Ditch the Act: Reveal the Surprising Power of the Real You for Greater Success,” Kim’s work encourages transparency and authenticity in personal branding.
  • Philosophy on Personal Branding: He emphasizes the importance of vulnerability and human connection, which can differentiate and elevate a personal brand in a crowded market.
  • Achievements: Featured in Forbes, Inc., and TEDx talks, Kim has been recognized as a leading influencer by Forbes and was listed in Inc.’s Top Digital Marketer.
  • Influence and Impact: His strategies have helped numerous professionals from various industries to build trust and authenticity in their personal brands.
  • Case Studies or Success Stories: A notable success story includes a corporate executive who revamped her personal brand to transition into public speaking and thought leadership, significantly boosting her career trajectory.

3. Dorie Clark

  • Introduction: Dorie Clark is a marketing strategy consultant and professional speaker known for her expertise in personal branding and reinvention.
  • Background: With an MBA from Harvard Business School, Dorie has diverse experience, including working as a journalist and documentary filmmaker before turning to marketing and consulting.
  • Major Contributions: Author of “Reinventing You” and “Stand Out,” Clark has been instrumental in providing actionable insights on how individuals can be recognized as experts in their field.
  • Philosophy on Personal Branding: Her philosophy centers on developing unique expertise and thought leadership as foundations for a strong personal brand.
  • Achievements: Named one of the Top 50 business thinkers in the world by Thinkers50, her work has appeared in the Harvard Business Review, TIME, and Entrepreneur.
  • Influence and Impact: Dorie has shaped the way professionals think about personal brand strategy and leadership in the digital age.
  • Case Studies or Success Stories: Clark’s strategies enabled a healthcare consultant to become a sought-after speaker and recognized authority in healthcare innovation.

4. Lida Citroën

  • Introduction: International branding and reputation management expert, Lida Citroën specializes in the unique challenges of personal branding for military veterans transitioning to civilian careers.
  • Background: With over 20 years in marketing and personal branding, Citroën has developed a unique methodology that applies corporate branding strategies to personal branding.
  • Major Contributions: Her notable work includes the acclaimed book “Your Next Mission: A Personal Branding Guide for the Military-to-Civilian Transition.”
  • Philosophy on Personal Branding: Lida focuses on the power of perception management and teaches individuals how to intentionally craft the way they are perceived by potential employers and peers.
  • Achievements: Citroën’s contributions have been recognized on platforms like MSNBC, Fortune, and the BBC.
  • Influence and Impact: She has changed how veterans reintegrate into the civilian workforce, providing them with the tools to effectively communicate their value.
  • Case Studies or Success Stories: Lida assisted a former Navy SEAL in transitioning to a corporate role, emphasizing his leadership skills and strategic thinking capabilities, which were initially overlooked.

5. Cynthia Johnson

  • Introduction: Cynthia Johnson is a globally recognized expert in social media marketing, personal branding, and digital strategy.
  • Background: She co-founded Bell + Ivy, a marketing and PR firm, and her expertise is rooted in a deep understanding of consumer behavior and digital trends.
  • Major Contributions: Johnson is noted for her innovative use of social media to develop personal branding strategies, and her book, “Platform: The Art and Science of Personal Branding.”
  • Philosophy on Personal Branding: Her approach emphasizes the strategic use of digital tools to craft and communicate a personal brand that resonates and engages effectively with target audiences.
  • Achievements: Named a top personal branding expert by Forbes, she is a frequent speaker at international conferences on digital marketing and branding.
  • Influence and Impact: Cynthia’s methodologies have equipped numerous professionals and companies with the skills to manage their online presence proactively.
  • Case Studies or Success Stories: One impactful case involved a startup founder who leveraged Johnson’s strategies to build a strong online presence that attracted significant investor attention and media coverage.

6. Karen Tiber Leland

  • Introduction: Karen Tiber Leland is the founder of Sterling Marketing Group, where she works with CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs on building better brands.
  • Background: Her background in psychology and her extensive consulting experience give her a unique perspective on personal branding.
  • Major Contributions: Karen has authored several books, including “The Brand Mapping Strategy: Design, Build, and Accelerate Your Brand,” which has become a go-to resource for understanding the dynamics of personal branding in business.
  • Philosophy on Personal Branding: She promotes a model that focuses on clarity, consistency, and constancy of brand presentation across all platforms.
  • Achievements: Recognized as a thought leader in her field, Karen’s insights have been featured in major publications like Forbes and Entrepreneur.
  • Influence and Impact: Her work has helped redefine personal branding for modern leaders, emphasizing strategic communication and authenticity.
  • Case Studies or Success Stories: An executive at a tech company used Leland’s strategies to successfully reposition himself in the industry and ultimately secure a higher leadership role within his organization.

7. William Arruda

  • Introduction: Dubbed the ‘Personal Branding Guru’ by Entrepreneur Magazine, William Arruda is a pioneer in the field of personal branding with a focus on corporate executives.
  • Background: With a background in corporate branding, William shifted his focus to personal branding, founding Reach Personal Branding in 2001, the first company dedicated to this niche.
  • Major Contributions: He developed the Reach Personal Branding methodology and created 360Reach, the first personal branding assessment tool designed for individuals.
  • Philosophy on Personal Branding: Arruda emphasizes authenticity and the need for individuals to differentiate themselves in the marketplace by aligning their talents and passions with professional opportunities.
  • Achievements: He has been instrumental in spreading the concept of personal branding globally through his writing, speaking, and as a LinkedIn influencer.
  • Influence and Impact: His approach has influenced thousands of professionals worldwide to take control of their professional destinies through personal branding.
  • Case Studies or Success Stories: Arruda helped a Fortune 500 company executive redefine his brand, leading to significant career advancements and opportunities within the global market.

8. Rory Vaden

  • Introduction: Rory Vaden is a best-selling author and co-founder of Brand Builders Group, where he consults on personal brand strategy.
  • Background: Rory’s career began in sales, but his passion for personal development and branding led him to become a leading expert in self-discipline, success, and branding.
  • Major Contributions: His book, “Take the Stairs,” is a New York Times bestseller that focuses on the principles of self-discipline as a part of personal branding.
  • Philosophy on Personal Branding: Vaden’s philosophy revolves around the concept of ‘reputation management’—how personal branding is less about self-promotion and more about a commitment to building trust and demonstrating integrity.
  • Achievements: Rory has been featured in major media outlets like Fox News, Oprah Radio, and CNN for his unique approach to personal branding.
  • Influence and Impact: He has transformed the way professionals think about their personal brands, encouraging a shift towards values-based branding.
  • Case Studies or Success Stories: A notable success story includes guiding a new entrepreneur through the process of building a personal brand that authentically communicates her values and expertise, leading to a successful launch of her consulting business.

9. Ryan Rhoten

  • Introduction: Ryan Rhoten specializes in helping individuals understand and leverage their online reputation to increase their professional opportunities.
  • Background: With a technical background and a deep understanding of digital marketing, Rhoten focuses on the intersection of technology and personal branding.
  • Major Contributions: He is the author of “CareerKred: 4 Simple Steps to Build Your Digital Brand and Boost Credibility in Your Career,” which outlines a practical approach to building and managing an online presence.
  • Philosophy on Personal Branding: His philosophy stresses the importance of digital literacy in personal branding, advocating for a proactive approach to online reputation management.
  • Achievements: Rhoten is recognized for his thought leadership in personal branding within digital spaces and is a sought-after speaker and consultant on the topic.
  • Influence and Impact: His work has provided individuals with the tools to effectively manage and enhance their digital footprints in alignment with their career goals.
  • Case Studies or Success Stories: Rhoten’s guidance helped a mid-career professional transition industries by strategically using social media to highlight transferable skills and gain visibility in a new field.
Expert Name Primary Contribution Personal Branding Philosophy
Bhavik Sarkhedi Founded ‘Write Right,’ emphasizing the power of words in branding. Authenticity and consistency are core to effective personal branding.
Leonard Kim Co-author of “Ditch the Act,” promoting authenticity in branding. Use vulnerability and human connection to differentiate and elevate a brand.
Dorie Clark Authored “Reinventing You” and “Stand Out.” Develop unique expertise and thought leadership as a foundation for branding.
Lida Citroën Specializes in branding for military veterans. Manage perception intentionally to craft how others perceive you.
Cynthia Johnson Co-founded Bell + Ivy, using social media for personal branding. Use digital tools strategically to communicate a resonant personal brand.
Karen Tiber Leland Authored “The Brand Mapping Strategy.” Focus on clarity, consistency, and constancy across all branding platforms.
William Arruda Developed the Reach Personal Branding methodology. Differentiate by aligning talents with professional opportunities.
Rory Vaden Authored “Take the Stairs,” focuses on reputation management. Personal branding is about building trust and demonstrating integrity.
Ryan Rhoten Authored “CareerKred,” focuses on online reputation management. Prioritize digital literacy to proactively manage your online reputation.